Utah Department’s Paul Augason Achieves Elite Safety Specialist Certification

Paul Augason, the Risk Management/Emergency Planning Coordinator for the Utah Department of Corrections, has received the prestigious Safety Specialist Certification from the Utah Safety Council.

The certification, which comes after the completion of a challenging series of courses, is some of the most advanced training available, said John Wojciechowski, President of the Utah Safety Council.

“It means being able to do a good assessment and helping employees navigate the workplace safely,” he said. “In the end, it’s getting people home to their families every day.”

Auguson is part of the UDC Risk Management/Emergency Planning team in the Facilities Bureau. He noted the department will benefit in examining scenarios, identifying risks and finding solutions.

“It allows the team to help the department ensure employee safety,” he said.

Division Director Shawn Anderson said Augason’s accomplishment will help the department in its quest to keep risk to a minimum.

“It shows that we are proactive and being safety minded,” he said. “It shows we have staff looking out for everyone.”

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