Large Altercation at Central Utah Correctional Facility Triggers Lockdowns

15 incarcerated individuals were involved in an altercation at the Central Utah Correctional Facility (CUCF) in Gunnison on Monday evening with five individuals being taken to a local hospital by ambulance to assessed and treated.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the altercation may have been gang-related and weapons were involved.

To ensure the safety and security of everyone involved, the Utah Department of Corrections has initiated a temporary lockdown at CUCF and the Utah State Correctional Facility (USCF) in Salt Lake City. During this time, incarcerated individuals will be restricted to their assigned cells and dormitories, with limited movement permitted until a further review is completed.

The identities of the individuals involved in the incident are not being released at this time. More information will be available after an investigation is completed.

CUCF is located in Gunnison and houses approximately 1,750 incarcerated males. USCF is located in Salt Lake City, and houses approximately 2,200 incarcerated male and 400 female individuals.