The Reentry & Rehabilitation Division employs an Ethnic Minority Resource Officer (EMRO) posted within the facility to provide direct support to Native Americans, ethnic minorities, and foreign nationals in our custody. This includes ensuring that the department observes inmates’ First Amendment rights related to freedom of religion, maintains compliance with the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, as well as facilitating incarcerated foreign nationals communication and contact with the respective Consulate as afforded them per the Vienna Convention.


The EMRO acts as the American Indian/Alaskan Native on site liaison and advises the department on matters related to American Indian culture within the real of corrections. The EMRO is the point of contact for American Indian offenders and their families, and is the liaison between offender population and the tribal councils. The EMRO facilitates opportunities to propose, collaborate, and welcome Native community partners interested in supporting or providing religious and cultural programs.


The EMRO works with underserved populations to guide them in optimizing therapeutic treatment services, mental health assistance, educational opportunities and support systems while incarcerated, as well as providing information for community based services and supports when released. The EMRO recognizes cultural nuances and promotes cultural competence within the corrections environment.


The EMRO coordinates with Consulate Representatives to facilitate consulate-to-inmate communications and acts as a guide for navigating our judicial system as well as UDC processes and policies.

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