On the right, you’ll find helpful resources for sex offender treatment. The following is an overview of what to expect in community treatment.


Sex offenders may be required to participate in outpatient treatment programs as a condition of probation or parole. Here is what to expect from an outpatient program.


You may be required to complete a psychosexual evaluation by a licensed psychologist who is an approved Department provider or evaluator prior to beginning treatment. This evaluation will include sex offender specific testing and assessment of personality and intelligence. A penile plethysmograph testing for male offenders will be completed as part of the psychosexual evaluation to establish a baseline for future treatment and to establish a more thorough assessment of risk to reoffend. You may be required to complete a full-disclosure sex offense specific polygraph examination to establish a baseline for future treatment and evaluation within 180 days from the initiation of treatment.


Test results, including an analysis of suitability for treatment and treatment plan, will be provided in a written report to your AP&P agent.


Outpatient treatment typically includes at least one individual 50-minute counseling session weekly and one group therapy session lasting at least 80 minutes weekly.


Additional polygraph tests may be administered during the course of your treatment to ensure you are abiding by any court orders and conditions of probation or parole and treatment rules and regulations.


You also will be expected to participate in psychoeducational classes (at minimum of: victim empathy, relapse prevention, assault cycle, cognitive restructuring/thinking errors, parenting, relationship skills, and sex education) consisting of at least 10 hours per subject. Previously completed classes may be accepted to meet this criterion. In addition, the treatment program may require an offender to repeat some or all of these classes if clinically indicated.


A compliance polygraph examination will be completed by all offenders prior to the completion of treatment to determine compliance with both treatment program rules and compliance with court orders and to insure there have been no violations of probation rules and regulations.  Additional polygraph examinations may be administered when deemed appropriate by the provider and/or Adult Probation and Parole.


Once you have competed outpatient treatment, you will be followed by aftercare. Your treatment provider will provide a minimum of one progress report quarterly to your AP&P agent.


Outpatient treatment will require at least 12 months to 18 months of weekly individual and group treatment followed by an additional transition period of up to six months, during which treatment is stepped down.


If you are ordered to receive intensive outpatient treatment services, you will be required to participate in an additional weekly sex offender group session and other services as clinically indicated.