Fortitude Treatment Center



Regional Chief
Aimee Griffiths


Deputy Regional Chief/Center Director
Dan Hayes


Mailing Address
1747 S. 900 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84104


Telephone: 801-886-7701

Intake Telephone: 801-886-7800
Fax: 801-886-3087



Fortitude Treatment Center opened in 2012 and is designed to serve male parolees. Fortitude strives to meet offender needs in a variety of ways. First, it serves as a transition facility for offenders who are released from prison and do not have appropriate housing arranged prior to their parole. Once these offenders find a suitable and safe place to live, they are released from the facility. Fortitude also serves as a stabilization facility for those who need a more structured plan as they re-enter the community. The stabilization normally consists of acquiring and maintaining employment, finding an appropriate residence, enrolling in and attending treatment and financial planning.


Additionally, the Fortitude Treatment Center also offers the PVP (Parole Violator Program), to struggling offenders as a means of remaining in the community in lieu of incarceration. In some instances, when a parolee violates the conditions of his parole agreement, Adult Probation and Parole agents may recommend the parolee be placed in this program. As part of the program, Fortitude has on-site therapists who facilitate evidence-based therapeutic services, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, trauma-based groups and other services designed to best meet the needs of the offender.


Offenders who reside at Fortitude are subject to tighter restrictions than those under community supervision. While at Fortitude, offenders are expected to find employment, attend any recommended treatment and follow all center rules and policies. Offenders will also have a case manager who assists them in setting goals, finding community resources, successfully completing parole conditions and other individual case planning needs.


All of the programs and services offered at the Fortitude Treatment Center are designed to meet the needs of each individual offender and assist them in successfully re-entering society as law abiding citizens.