• Date of Birth
  • Legal Status (inmate, parolee, probationer)
  • Offender Number
  • Housing Location (i.e., Wasatch facility, Davis County Jail)
  • Offenses/Sentence Length
  • Board Hearing Date
  • Parole/Expiration Date (Note: Utah is an indeterminate sentencing state, meaning sentences are given in time ranges rather than specific time periods. For example, an offender convicted of a 3rd-degree felony may receive a sentence of 0 to 5 years.)
  • Sentencing Court/Sentencing Date/Case Number
  • Prison Photo/Mug Shot

Requests for records or previously compiled data are managed by the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) and must be made in writing.

*Please note if you are seeking to have specific data/statistics compiled or gain informational answers to specific questions about this agency, contact the public information officer. If you are looking for an actual document or a record you believe to be maintained by the department, you can file a GRAMA request. GRAMA specifically pertains to records that are produced and maintained by a governmental agency. A GRAMA request entitles the public to copies of, or access to, records that exist and are used for conducting the public’s business.


Public Information Officer