Facilities & Maintenance Bureau Director

Shawn Anderson has been appointed to serve as Facilities & Maintenance Bureau Director for Corrections. He is a hardworking professional who has found the past 15 years with Corrections as some of the best jobs. He started as an Officer in the Uinta’s, then moved to Maintenance in the HVAC Shop. From there he advanced to a Facility Coordinator position working with DFCM to facilitate the Capital Improvement projects for the department at the Draper site. Most recently he has been working with our AP&P centers for their Capital Improvement projects.


Shawn earned his associates degree at Utah Valley State College. He also completed the Certified Public Manager’s Course. Shawn is a family man that loves spending time with his wife and kids. Some of his favorite hobbies are warm weather camping near lakes, paddle boarding, hiking, mountain biking, riding ATV’s and exploring canyons. A trip to the mountains to be with siblings and cousins always make for a great time.