The CenturyLink Inmate Telephone Service IS NOT associated with a company called “IC Solutions” (Inmate Call Solutions).


That company has a name that is nearly identical to that of the company CenturyLink uses to set up prepaid accounts — ICSolutions.


Please be sure you are accessing the correct company at the website www.ICSolutions.com when you set up your account. You also may set up an account by calling 888-506-8407.


This link will take you to the CenturyLink page with information about our inmate telephone system.


The following rates apply:

Excludes taxes and government-mandated surcharges



Fees: Provider-imposed ancillary transaction fees, including transaction fees for purchasing pre-paid collect services by phone or Internet using a credit/debit card, have been eliminated by UDC. Note: Western Union will charge a fee of $5.50 when using its SwiftPay product and $9.95 when using its QuickCollect product. No additional fees are imposed by CenturyLink on top of these negotiated charges.


Refunds: For information about refunds, please see the FAQ section on CenturyLink’s page.


*Some definitions may help. An “intraLATA” call is one within the same area code that requires you to dial “1” first. An “interLATA” call is from one area code to another within the state.