***** NOTE: In-person visiting at the Utah State Prison and Central Utah Correctional Facility has resumed. Inmates currently receive one (1) free 15-minute phone call per week. *****


Only sign up for one time slot per visiting day. Signing up for multiple time slots on the same day will result in all sign ups for that day being denied. If you cannot make the time you sign up for, do not just sign up for another time on the same day. Please notify visiting staff via email or phone so that the original time slot can be cancelled for someone else to use.


PLEASE NOTE: Recording or photographing any portion of a video visit is prohibited. Visits may not be live streamed or otherwise posted to any social media account. Any violation will result in a suspension of visiting privileges for both the inmate and the visitor.


USP Visiting Schedules


Wasatch and Oquirrhs: June    July


Schedule Wasatch and Oquirrhs video and in-person visits


Promontory and Timpanogos: June/July


Schedule Promontory and Timpanogos video and in-person visits


Uinta 1: June/July 4 holiday


Schedule Uinta 1 video and in-person visits


Uinta 2 & 4: June/July 4 holiday


Schedule Uinta 2 video visits     Schedule Uinta 4 video and in-person visits


Olympus: June/July 4 holiday


Schedule Olympus video and in-person visits


CUCF Visiting Schedules


June    July


Schedule CUCF in-person visits


Schedule CUCF video visits


Visiting Office
14717 S. Minuteman Drive
Draper, UT 84020
Phone: 801-576-7014