Corrections Provides Update on Ongoing Review of Safety and Security at USCF

The Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) provided an update today regarding an in-depth, ongoing review of safety and security at the Utah State Correctional Facility (USCF) in Salt Lake City. UDC noted several areas where improvements have already been made, and outlined short-term and long-term goals to ensure safety and security.

“The safety of our staff and those we supervise is paramount,” said Brian Nielson, executive director with the Utah Department of Corrections. “We will continue to closely review our operations, ensure process improvements, and be diligent in our efforts to accomplish our Department’s mission. I cannot express in words how passionate, dedicated, and talented our team is in ensuring the safety of our operations and helping individuals find success.”

The Department continues to review all areas of USCF. Short-term goals include improving facility infrastructure and security devices, increasing training, focusing on staff wellness, expanding programming, and focusing on gang interventions.

Long-term goals include training and certifying staff in security audit practices. The Department will also work to identify clear incident reduction tracking mechanisms. And finally, we will continue to emphasize recruitment in order to eliminate mandatory overtime.

Immediate areas of note include enhancements to the Antelope Facility, which is a restricted housing facility at USCF. Areas of improvement within this facility include addressing any blind spots, hiring additional control point operators, and identifying areas for improved communications.

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