Utah Department of Corrections

Corrections provide public records upon request in line with the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). Corrections deals with certain issues that exempt records from release due to safety and security or privacy concerns, but otherwise the Department strives to function in a transparent manner that instills public trust. Certain information about inmates and offenders under our supervision is available to the general public without a GRAMA request.

Please note: Media should contact the Public Information Officer initially to see if the information sought is available without a formal records request. If you are seeking to have specific data/statistics compiled or gain informational answers to specific questions about this agency, contact the PIO. If you are looking for an actual document or a record you believe to be maintained by the department, you can file a GRAMA request. GRAMA specifically pertains to records that are produced and maintained by a governmental agency. A GRAMA request entitles the public to copies of, or access to, records that exist and are used for conducting the public's business.

Requests for records or previously compiled data may be made by mail or by email. To make a request, please use the GRAMA form to send a description of the records or data sought to: 

Records Bureau
Utah Department of Corrections
14717 S. Minuteman Dr.
Draper, Utah 84020

Kara Downer, Records Specialist, at udc-grama@utah.gov.

What is GRAMA?

The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) is a comprehensive state law that deals with the management of government records. The law outlines exactly who has access to specific records while detailing the process for requesting such information. GRAMA is an attempt to balance the public’s constitutional right of access to information regarding government conduct, individuals’ constitutional rights to privacy and the public policy and safety interest in allowing the government to restrict access to certain records for the overall good.

GRAMA Request Form

State GRAMA Statute